Does Codeine make you sleepy?

This blogsite is dedicated to Codeine and all the information people need when they are considering to start taking this painkiller, but wish to find out more before they do. Our intention is to answer as many frequently asked questions about this drug and to give the people a full picture about Codeine. As we have discovered, one of the most frequently asked questions about Codeine is whether it will make them sleepy. It is quite Does Codeine make you sleepy?understandable why people want to know this. For example, you intend to drive somewhere and it is time for your schedule dose of Codeine. If it can cause sleepiness, you would want to know, just to be sure that you can drive safely. There are numerous other cases which are all valid reasons why people wish to know if Codeine can cause sleepiness.

In order to better explain and answer the question that so many people want answered, we should first explain a bit better how Codeine actually works. Codeine is a centrally-acting opiate analgesic. This means that it is used to alleviate pain, that it is derived from opium and that it works by affecting the central nervous system. Upon ingestion, Codeine is converted into morphine and codeine-6-glucuronide. Both these chemicals work by binding to pain receptors in the central nervous system (mainly in the brain). As they do this, the pain signals that come from the parts of the body where pain actually occurs are not registered, which is how Codeine alleviates pain. However, this action on the central nervous system also causes certain side effects in some people and affects the human body in other ways.

One of the ways in which Codeine can affect certain people is by causing certain sedation, i.e. drowsiness, i.e. sleepiness. Drowsiness is among the most common side effects that can be caused by Codeine, together with dizziness and certain gastrointestinal side effects. However, it has to be noted that this does not mean that you are also going to experience drowsiness when taking Codeine.
The best way to minimize the risk of experiencing drowsiness is by taking Codeine exactly as prescribed. When you take more Codeine than prescribed, you increase the potential for side effects occurring, including Codeine. Also, you should avoid drinking alcohol when taking Codeine, as it increases the drowsiness.

There are other medications, both prescription drugs and over the counter products that can enhance the drowsiness and you should talk with the pharmacist about whether you can take them with Codeine.
If you do experience drowsiness, for your own safety, you should refrain from driving, operating machinery or doing anything else that requires you to be fully alert and responsive until the drowsiness subsides.
In conclusion, there is definitely possibility that you might get sleepy upon ingesting Codeine, but it mostly depends on the way your body reacts to the medication. Also, it is very likely that your body will get used to Codeine after some time and the instances when you will feel drowsy will become rarer in time.

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